Thursday, August 24, 2006


The news recently (particularly in the Red Tops) has been all about immigration mainly from Eastern Europe, including the spectre of Bulgaria and Romania. Britain is one of the few countries to have opened its borders to the rest of Europe (cf my rant on Euro-loving sceptics) and has therefore taken the lion's share of immigrants from Eastern Europe. If the other EU countries were to be good European citizens like the Brits and the Irish, then this 'problem' would be dissipated.

However, this is to assume that it is a problem in the first place. Most of the EU immigrants (migrants?) that have come from Eastern Europe have generally filled gaps in Britain's Labour market. I don't hear many complaints from people who have actually been on the receiving end of services being provided by skilled labourers from Poland. If anything, they say that the services are cheaper, more reliable and better quality than what the local population can provide.

This is not to say that the issue should not be addressed. For example, according to the Express, new immigrants could be elligable to up to £10,000 in tax credits, depending what their previous salary was (which being in Romania or Bulgaria would be on average considerably lower than the UK's).

Fortress is looking forward to accession in January, pushing the belief in a wider and shallower European Union.

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Damn these ayrians taking the jobs away from our muslims

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