Monday, August 28, 2006

Frogs and bicycles

Fortress was in a meeting today, with several MEPs present and a Commission official who was making a presentation. The Commission official almosr made Fortress choke on his coffee when he said the following:

"incentives need to be put in place to make countries think more 'European'. Countries need to put narrow self-interest aside and work together"

That would be like the unelected, unaccountable Commission that is callously ignoring democracy and forcing through an unwanted European Constitution against the wishes of the people of France and Holland

Anyway, the official in question was clearly a bit crazy as he spent half the time talking about boiling frogs, the merits of panda bears, adn why British bicycles are crap. Fortress isn't kidding: these are the sort of meetings that happen every day in the European Union...

Mannekin Pis


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