Thursday, June 01, 2006

Priestley gets tough!

Finally, the European Parliament has decided to start trying to solve the genuine problems experienced by ordinary folk during their day-to-day working lives. This Communication from the Secretary General lays down the law for those low-life reprobates who abuse freedom of speech, force others to take notice of them, and generally leave a bad taste in the mouth. That's right: spammers.

The S-G is going to get the bastards! No more will you have "Babysitter Needed for My Goldfish"; "Train ticket Brussels-Addis Abbaba for Sale"; Written Declaration on the treatment of political prisoners by the Queen of Hearts"; or "Appartment to rent in unknown Brussels s***hole miles away from the Parliament".

From today, no more of that, the S-G says. Well, we at Fortress Europe commend the man. He has our wholehearted, unreserved support. Except it won't work. One of the many examples that got through today (supposedly the first day of the new regime):

"Hello everybody,
sorry for spamming, I really am sorry, but I lost my wonderful earring today, thus if anyone has found it, please let me know!
It is in the shape of the butterfly, not too big, full of coloured crystals.

thanks for help,
Have a nice day everybody
Ivana K."


Mannekin Pis


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know 'Ivana K' - she'll be delighted that she's made it onto such a prestigious blog!

June 08, 2006 11:25 am  

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