Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Constitution: the rise of the undead

Communication from the European Commission to the European Council, June 2006, with the heading "Europe in the World" was sent around today. That title alone makes FE nervous.

But it's ok. The Commission makes it very clear that the document "is not intended to re-open a debate on the future of the
Constitutional Treaty or to redefine the respective responsibilities of the different institutional actors"
. Phew, that's settled my nerves.

As you are all very busy, high-powered people with better things to do than read this gumf, FE has provided a few juicy extracts, which clearly are nothing to do with the Commission forcing the Constitution through using the back door:

"Proposes that Member States and the EU work together to to develop and implement a European external policy" (Hmm, wasn't there something in the rejected Constitution about a European Foreign Policy and Foreign Minister...?)

"We have however yet to resolve the question of EU representation in international economic and monetary institutions."

"The completion of the European area of freedom, security and justice, together with the fight against terrorism, are vital to our internal security" (Hmm, that sounds a lot like a demand for a European Police Force. Wasn't there something about that in the rejected Constitution...?)

"the governments of the Member States must consider what is more usefully achieved at the level of the EU" (I won't even bother with a sarcastic remark. I think we all know the answer to this one.)

"Appropriate arrangements should be further developed for EU Special Representatives" (Aha, the EU diplomatic corps we are all so fond of...)

And then, near the end, finally, we get some honesty about what this document is all about: The objectives of the Constitutional Treaty remain valid and would increase the scope to address the challenges for the EU’s external policy.

Yep, they were hoping you'd got bored and had stopped reading before you got to that bit. The back-door Constitutional movement is alive and kicking, and they're winning.

Mannekin Pis


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