Friday, May 26, 2006


More gossip on the Tory A-List. The reliable wisdom is that there are only four current Tory MEPs on the A-List: Martin Callanan, Dan Hannan, Chris Heaton-Harris, and Syed Kamall. Could it be a mere coincidence that these are four staunchly Eurosceptic members of the Conservative group in the European Parliament, and they all support Cameron's pledge to leave the EPP-ED grouping as soon as possible? Look to me like Dave is looking to shore up the Euroscepticism in the Westminster Party...

Even more interesting are the rumours of Tory MEPs who didn't make it on to the A-List - most of the names are too Euro-friendly for Dave's tastes. Payback for criticism of his policy to leave the EPP-ED, perhaps? Either way, it must come as a blow to have represented your Party in the European Parliament, and then find yourself behind Adam Rickett in the queue for a Westminster seat.

Mannekin Pis


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