Wednesday, May 31, 2006

EU taxes on texts and emails

Despite not having the mandate to do so, the EU, led by supposedly centre-right French MEP Alain Lamassoure, is looking into the possibility of levying a 10% tax on every text message sent as well as 0.00001 euro cents on every email sent. Quite how he expects to do this, Fortress has no idea - I'm sure Hotmail, the world's biggest, and as it often states, free email provider would have something to say about this! Whatever happened to the Lisbon agenda, making the EU the most technologically advanced place in the world by 2010?

As the plan is to plough the revenue back into the EU coffers, I am sure the French farmers, who continue to take up 44% of the EU budget, will be pleased with the advances in the Lisbon agenda...

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