Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The truth about who makes the decisions...

This was sent around to all MEPs today, with an attachment:

"Please find attached the decisions taken by the Commission at its meeting on 01/06/2006"

The attachment contained information about the EU Budget; Taxation and Customs Union; and Competition Policy, and about the decisions that the Commission has taken on these policies in tomorrow's meeting.

Indicative of the level of debate generally allowed in the European Union, that decisions taken at a meeting are announced 24 hours before the meeting has even started.

Mannekin Pis

EU taxes on texts and emails

Despite not having the mandate to do so, the EU, led by supposedly centre-right French MEP Alain Lamassoure, is looking into the possibility of levying a 10% tax on every text message sent as well as 0.00001 euro cents on every email sent. Quite how he expects to do this, Fortress has no idea - I'm sure Hotmail, the world's biggest, and as it often states, free email provider would have something to say about this! Whatever happened to the Lisbon agenda, making the EU the most technologically advanced place in the world by 2010?

As the plan is to plough the revenue back into the EU coffers, I am sure the French farmers, who continue to take up 44% of the EU budget, will be pleased with the advances in the Lisbon agenda...

The Grapevine

Monday, May 29, 2006

Strasbourg's cunning plan...

The recent furore over the City of Strasbourg overcharging the European Parliament on rent for the Parliament's buildings in the City has achieved something remarkable - it has united British MEPs.

Nearly all the parties have condemned it, notably Labour's Terry Wynn, the Lib Dem's Sajjad Karim and Conservative Chris Heaton-Harris and, of course, all of UKIP. Bizarrely, ultra-sceptic Dan Hannan is in favour having Strasbourg as the single seat, in order to avoid the creation of Brussels as capital city of Europe, thus keeping Europe's 'federal' nature rather than creating a superstate.

There has been mounting pressure on the institutions involved to produce all the paperwork but, understandably, they weren't keen for everyone to find out just how big a cock up/rip off this really has been for the past 25 years.

Fortress EU has learned that the documents in question are now available to MEPs - including, of course, the British MEPs who shouted the loudest about this scam - but by some freak occurrence all the documents are only in French! How bizarre that an organisation that works in 21 languages doesn't have duplicates of these potentially incriminating documents in English, which is after all one of it's two official working languages...

Mannekin Pis

Friday, May 26, 2006

A Tory consensus on Europe?

Could it be that if Cameron does eventually lead the Tories into power next election, it will be one of the most eurosceptic Tory parties that we have seen for a very long time? Last year's new intake, including former MEPs Robert Goodwill and Theresa Villiers, were on the whole young and eurosceptic reformers. If the A-list is anything to go by, then this trend will more than likely continue until the next election.

This could mean at the age old Tory problem over Europe will no longer exist as there will be a new youthful eurosceptic consensus. Maybe it might actually make the news the next time Bill Cash puts through an amendment to repeal the European Communities Act with the support of the entire Tory Parliamentary party!?

The Grapevine


More gossip on the Tory A-List. The reliable wisdom is that there are only four current Tory MEPs on the A-List: Martin Callanan, Dan Hannan, Chris Heaton-Harris, and Syed Kamall. Could it be a mere coincidence that these are four staunchly Eurosceptic members of the Conservative group in the European Parliament, and they all support Cameron's pledge to leave the EPP-ED grouping as soon as possible? Look to me like Dave is looking to shore up the Euroscepticism in the Westminster Party...

Even more interesting are the rumours of Tory MEPs who didn't make it on to the A-List - most of the names are too Euro-friendly for Dave's tastes. Payback for criticism of his policy to leave the EPP-ED, perhaps? Either way, it must come as a blow to have represented your Party in the European Parliament, and then find yourself behind Adam Rickett in the queue for a Westminster seat.

Mannekin Pis

Monday, May 22, 2006

Welcome to Fortress EU

Welcome to Fortress EU,

The EU, what's all that about?